Mozilla Science Lab

When someone mentions Mozilla your thoughts will probably immediately jump to this fiery little fox.

Mozilla_Firefox_(2004-2005)You are also likely to be aware Firefox is an Open Source web browser, that before Google Chrome hit the scene, was every cool kids preferred way to surf the net.

But did you know just how influential Mozilla is in the Open Web movement? Mozilla was created in 1998 (yes, it’s nearly 20 years old!) by members of Netscape.

Mozilla Science Lab was formed around 2013 with the vision of exploring what digital literacy means for science, software carpentry, building community and starting a global conversation. The aim of the Lab is to transform science by making research open and accessible. They see Open Science as “a way for science to achieve its fullest potential”.

In 2017, the Lab’s focus is on code and data literacy. The Lab runs regular events and study groups to connect the Science community with the latest research and ideas on open science.


For the night owls among us, the next event is a Community Call on August 11 at 2-3am AEST that will discuss open science project management. If you can’t make the call (full disclosure: I certainly won’t… 2 am… seriously) make sure you explore the Mozilla Science Lab‘s full suite of resources. They also have an excellent blog and twitter feed.

If you’ve attended any events or used any Science Lab resources let us know about your experience by commenting below.

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