O is for Open photo challenge

O is for open to use, change and share!

In celebration of Open Access Week 2016 we will be taking and sharing ‘O’ photos, licensed under Creative Commons(CC) licenses, on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #OisforOpen

We’re challenging you to join us! Help us to create and use images where their creator has made them available for others to use, change and share. Rumour has is there may even be prizes involved!

Take a photo of an ‘O’, licence it under a CC license, and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #OisforOpen

Not a photographer? That’s ok! Find an image of an ‘O’ that is already licensed under a CC license and share it on Twitter or Instagram using #OisforOpen

How do I apply a CC license to my photo? One way would be to load your photos to a photo sharing site like Flickr. As you load photos to Flickr you can choose what license to apply to the image. Have a look at this guide to applying a CC license on Flickr. You could also just write or tag in the tweet or comment what CC license you are applying, like in this photo.

How do I find CC licensed images? You can search for CC images on Flickr, or use Google Images advanced search, or use the search function on the Creative Commons website. Just remember to check the license conditions, such as attribution, and follow them.

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